Upcoming Software Architecture Open Space 2014

This week I have the pleasure of attending the Software Architecture Open Space (SAOS14) conference. I attended this conference in 2012, when it was still located in Århus. At that time it was a two day open space session intensive conference, which was free to attend. And I loved it

Last year the conference shifted gear and turned into a payed event in Copenhagen. The remained the same, open space intensive sessions. Although now in more professional settings. In 2012 there were a number of attendees who didn't show up. This must have been related to that being a free event. So this year I expect everyone registered to show up.

This year I've been so fortunate to be able to participate in this great event. In 2012 this conference format exceeded my expectations, so I'm looking forward to some great discussions with other professionals sharing their experiences.

At the time of writing we're 53 registered for this event. I think this is way too low. I can recon a number of attendees who also participated in 2012, I'll argue that if you've once done this open space format, you'll return over and over again. You won't find any conference formats where you'll get so much take-away. If you're willing to. One of the very key characteristics of the attendees should be their willingness to share their experiences and, not least, be willing to listen to other attendees sharing their experiences.

This year there will be some more formal conference elements, such as a keynote. I'm exited about this, and looking forward to see if such an initiative should affect the open space discussions.

There are still some slots available, so if you have the time, and is in Copenhagen, you shouldn't miss this awesome event.

Register yourself here.

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