ScriptCs.Rebus Moving to scriptcs-contrib

I've worked on ScriptCs.Rebus since the spring, and had a lot of fun. I have not received any feedback from users actually using it, so I'm basically coding in the dark. It's completely true, I've managed to sneak it in in some integration testing scenarios. During development of 0.4.0, I got in contact with Glenn Block, who guided me with the implementation of the hosting pieces. He also encourage me to move my GitHub repository to the scriptcs-contrib organization. If found this appealing, although it would mean that I would have to move it away from my own user. Guess it feels a bit like one of your kids moving away from home. It would certainly give the repository more attention, and potentially more users adn feedback. I would still have administrator rights and in full control, so why not.

I did some considering and after releasing 0.4.0, I decided to move it over. So its new home is here. I've renamed the project to align with the other projects in scriptcs-contrib.

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