Since 2002 I've been playing an online football manager game called Hattrick. I joined the game while I was still studying and it started as a competition with some of my fellow students. They have since stopped playing the game, but I can't leave it. I don't use the same amount of time that I used to.

One of the great things about Hattrick is that even with a small amount of effort you can enjoy the game. The more time you spend on it, the better is you chance to win, win promotion, titles, etc. When you get beyond the initial learning curve, you only have to use 15 minutes a week to control your team. It is possible to use different approaches to Hattrick. Some people spend alot of time trading players and making money, some study tactics and their next opponents, some people is in there for the community side of Hattrick, etc. Since the start I've had the nursing and training talents approach to the game. This means that I buy young midfielders and train them. When they reach a certain age, I sell them and buy new ones. There is two games a week, Wednesday and Sunday. Midfielders playing these days will receive training. Depending on your tactic, you can at maximum train three midfielders 100% and two wingers will receive 50%. This makes it six midfielders and four wingers will receive training per week. Once every season, usually at the end of the season, I sell the oldest player and buy a young one. The profit made on these will be invested on the remaining positions on the team, the stadium, the youth team, coach, etc.

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