The last year or so I have had a growing wish to try myself of as an entrepreneur and become a freelancer. Time has come, and from January 1st I have started my own business. The name is madSkills.

I am so pleased that this is finally taking off. I am so much looking forward to service my own customers and help develop their businesses. My main focus is to support all kinds of businesses in my local area. I believe that the outer western part of Denmark upholds a large potential of businesse in the need of aware, present, and state-of-the-art consultancy. These services should not only be something for the larger cities in the Eastern parts of Denmark. I hope to be able to help and support small to large businesses in realizing their potential and growing great ideas to meet the challenges of the future.

I will continue working for d60, but in parallel I will take upon freelance tasks. As many of you know I have commuted 5½ hours a day to get to Aarhus and back. With my new business located locally, I will be much more flexible and have more time to see my kids and be part of their everyday life.

So what kind of tasks will I be up for? I am not that choosy with the kind of jobs and tasks I am up for. My main experience is with .Net and C#. So obviously that is where I’ll be building my business. In the last years have had a growing interest and experience with AngularJS and all web related. I hope to find tasks in these areas as well. Finally, I hope that I can build my business on Ionic.

Would you be interested in hiring me send me an email at [email protected] or ping me at @madskillsdk.

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