Expectations Ahead of AAOSConf 2012

Some time during the Spring I was made aware of this little conference called Agile Architecture Open Space Conference (AAOSConf) by a co-worker. At first I was quite suspicious, but it seemed like an great collection of attendees and the organizer is a old co-worker, whom I know as a serious and hard-working guy. So, why not. I actually didn’t ask my boss until a few weeks ago, but he seemed cool about it, so on Thursday, I’ll attend my first AAOSConf.

I have been wondering a lot of what to expect. I’ve never attended a conference of this sort before, so I don’t know what to expect. From the attendees list it’s going to be quite a variety of fields and domains represented for the open space discussions. There will be Microsoft employees, independent developers, Ruby developers, C# experts, architects, etc., so the ground is laid for some interesting discussions. I don’t know any other conferences of this sort, and the idea is great; gather different sorts software development disciplines and let them share their experience of different sorts. There is definitely going to be something to take with you home from these two days of discussions.

I’m so fortunate that three of my former co-workers are coming along, haven’t seem them for a couple of years or so. So Thursday night going out for a informal dinner with former co-workers and other great people in my network is something I’m looking forward for.

So I guess this sums up my expectations for the two day AAOSConf in Århus; great pragmatic, theoretic, discussions and informal networking and socialising.

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