Danish Developer Conference 2013

The upcoming Danish Developer Conference 2013 (DDC) is my first conference this year. I attended DDC last year, which was the first time that Microsoft Denmark arranged. I thought it was a great success, and delighted to see that Microsoft will setup another round of DDC.

This year my employer, d60, will be coffee sponsor and will have a coffee bar with a barista. Sponsored coffee cups and flyers are ready. I’ve been given the great honor of managing the d60 Twitter account, @60dk. So, tune in and follow @d60dk.

As with other conferences these days, Windows 8 is a primary focus area. At the moment I can’t see myself developing any Windows 8 specific applications, therefore I’ll keep my focus elsewhere for now. Fortunately DDC also has great content for attendees like me.

First of is the keynote. Last year it was John Sheehan who held the keynote on Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2011 (2012). This years keynote is held by Jon Galloway, who will talk over the topic of “The Development Landscape Is Moving Extremely! Here’s How To Move Faster”. Exiting headline, looking forward.

In the first session Mads Kristensen, whom I met at last years DevConnections, will provide a session on Visual Studio 2012 vNext. Mads is a cool guy and a great speaker. His work on Web Essentials has been of great benefit to all web developers.

After lunch I’ll head over to hear Gudmundur Hreidarson, giving a talk on single page apps. A topic that I’ve only glanced shortly, so perhaps Gudmundur can reignite my interest in SPAs.

In the third session, Kasper Holdum, will give a talk about async and reactive extensions (Rx). We’re using reactive extensions on the project that I’m currently assigned. It’s just amazing to see the possibilities of Rx, and how it can change the way we code async. This is a session that I’m particularly looking forward for.

In the fourth, and last session, before the closing keynote, Marc Seemann will give an advanced unit testing talk. Marc wrote a great book on Dependency Injection in .Net, which I encourage all serious developers to read, the sooner the better. But Marc also lately published some nice Pluralsight couses on Inside-Out TDD. Faithful readers of this blog knows that I’m a profound TDD practitioner, so hopefully Marc can add additional aspects to my TDD toolbox.

I’m looking forward for the sessions, but also to some of my fellow developers for networking.

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